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Author Topic: SFE Indices EA  (Read 1997 times)


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SFE Indices EA
« on: January 04, 2021, 03:54:31 PM »
This EA trades indices CFDs, using different strategies.

The setup of this EA is a bit more complicated than usual, so I will provide set files of the checked brokers. Find the attached documents.

Live account results

Live signal

Setup this EA requires some expertise because the CFDs products have some particularities in his definition in different brokers, so, is strongly recommended do a backtest before is it live, to be sure all is OK.

You can visit the smartforexexpert website for view the current brokers tested and the set files for each broker. The default parameters corresponds to ICMarkets broker.
You can also get support in the SFE Telegram group.

Telegram Community Group:

If you want to do setup the parameters for other broker or backtest yourself, the next steps must be done:

1. Use always the timeframe 5, either on backtest or live. Use better a Forex symbol for do the backtest and also for launch live the EA, for example and EURUSD symbol in m5.

2. Update the strings on the three parameters 'Symbol List'

in these parameters, put the names of the indices cfds of your broker, that corresponds to these markets: US indices in list 1, US and Stoxx and Germany index on list 2, and UK index on list 3. The names must be separated by semicolon.

3. Put the parameters 'Test Full List' to 1. And 'Use fixed balance 10.000' to 1

4. Launch the backtest from 2018 for example. Check the max. loss of the trades. If they are around 100, all is OK because the risk is 1%/trade for a 10k balance. If you observe strange values like a loss of 1.000, this means is a problem in the definition of the parameters of the CFD, and this can be corrected in the configuration of the EA. For do this:

- Put the name of the CFD that is doing 10 times more loss than risk desired, on the parameter 'Symbol Risk Adjustement'.  As the value of the parameter 'Risk Adjustement' is 0.1, this will change the size of the trades of this CFD, dividing by 10, and then the expected risk will be OK.

(this can happen in some brokers because there is a problem in the definition of the symbol parameters fixed by the broker)
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Re: SFE Indices EA
« Reply #1 on: January 04, 2021, 09:27:38 PM »
The Indices CFDs has some particularities, therefore, we have to be cautious and do the necessary backtest in each broker to be sure all is OK. There are two main problems or things to check:

1. Some CFDs don't allow low sizes which makes very difficult use the EA except for big accounts. I noticed this in ICMarkets mt4.

2. Some CFDs have errors in the internal parameters defined by the broker, parameters used for determine the size of the trade, related to the risk selected, which can lead to wrong risk. This can be corrected in the EA when is detected. I noticed this in Darwinex mt5 on WS30 symbol.

3. There is a lack of good historical data which make impossible do a right backtest. For example can be very low period range information, or missing information in some timeframes. I noticed this in both ICMarkets and Darwinex mt4. This don't mean the EA will not work well in real time, but is truth that is a bit discouraging buy something that can't properly backtest.

As we can suppose, for these three points, is not straightforward launch the EA like others EA, therefore, I will follow the next roadmap:

- For the moment only the mt5 version will be launched because the EA has been backtested succesfully in ICMarkets mt5 and Darwinex mt5, but ICMarkets mt4 and Darwinex mt4 I had some problems related with the points above, so mt4 version will not be launched for the moment.

- We have to see if there is a real need of launch mt4 version, because in any case, the problems on mt5 platforms seems to be less than in mt4, then maybe is not necessary a mt4 version. But if someone can't use a mt5 and is interested, I can reconsider this.

- Unlike major part of EAs and for this reasons, I will publish a list of checked Brokers + platform, with the corresponding set files, and I don't recommend buy the EA until your broker + platform has been checked.

The current checked and validated are (Updated January 5th 2021):

The set files can be downloaded in the first message

If you want to use the EA in one of combinations above, you can proceed with the purchase when you want. Otherwise, if you are strongly interested in the EA, send me in Telegram your desired broker and platform, and I will check for you if all is OK or there is some to consider before. As I mentioned before, if mt5 can be used, better than mt4.

The EA is launched now with a 50% discount. 600$ versus the final 1200$. This discount will be keept for some days until all the interested followers have the opportunitty to send me his information and I do the check.

Last consideration, for those who broadcast the trades through signals, allow the copy of these trades can be a problem except for users who uses the same broker / platform.
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Re: SFE Indices EA
« Reply #2 on: January 05, 2021, 02:01:31 PM »
Regarding the point 1 of the previous message. Based on the backtest, and depending if your broker/platform has a minimal size of the trade of 1 or 0.1, these are the minimal balances recommended to use the EA smoothly:

** in the lower frontiers of the balances, the fit of the % will not be precise because the lot step is not little enough, I mean, if the min. lot is 1, you can no precise a size of 1.1, 1.2 for example, has to be 1 or 2 or 3.... this makes that the % of loss will not be exact, and in the worst cases, can be x1,5 times the expected.