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Manual trading is 99% unsuccessful, this explains why 95% of retail traders loses on Forex. The solution is use high quality automated algorithmic trading.

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Expert Advisors

SmartForexExpert develops different Expert Advisors for Metatrader 4/5. An Expert Advisor (common know as trading robot) is a plugin which allows to fully automate the trades on your account.

Here are the different EAs with real account tracking information:

Expert Advisor - SFE Gold Fever EA

Expert Advisor - SFE Stock Market

Expert Advisor - SFE Bitcoin

Expert Advisors

SmartForexExpert EAs covers various products (Forex, Gold, Bitcoin, Stock CFDs) and use different types of strategies (Trend, Breakout, Reversal, Momentum). This variety offers a great capacity for diversification, that allows to aspire to grow in different types of market behavior.

Expert Advisor - SFE Night Scalper

Expert Advisor - SFE Stealth

Expert Advisors

SmartForexExpert EAs do not use any kind of toxic technique like Grid or Martingale. All trades have their SL and TP, and the size of trades is adjusted to the maximum. % risk level selected in the EA parameters.


You do not want to manage your Expert Advisors yourself or your funds are not enough to buy or rent them?

You can use the Signals subscription. A signal sends the trading instructions in real time. You can connect your account to a signal service and replicate the trades of the Master account, with the sizes adjusted to your balance and risk settings.

SmartForexExpert offers different Signals based on his Expert Advisors.


There are different ways of copying the signals and different ways of payment (fee-based, profit-based ...)