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Title: Forex Brainstorm Lab
Post by: Attractor on September 07, 2019, 01:09:43 PM
The Forex Brainstorm Laboratory is a place discover, analyse, work, learn, improve, all the things necessary  to construct a successful investing portfolio.

The core of all this obviously is the Expert Advisors, but other important parts of the final machine will be discussed as well.

This place is not limited for SFE EAs, any good EA is welcome in the discussion.

This place is not for share or develop code in community, but is a place for offer a real, valuable, and non tricky feedback between developers and investors, to find a win-win relation.

This place is oriented to freelance developers and retail investors, this is our side of this war, and with information and collaboration can be a chance of win in this jungle.

For acces to all the rooms of the laboratory, you must be Junior Member of the SmartForexExpert Forum. This membership only requires 3 messages published in any section of the forum.

If you want use one of these messages presenting yourself here, we will be glad.