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SFE Forex Evolution EAs / Re: SFE Night Scalper September promotion
« on: September 24, 2020, 03:18:19 PM »
Is this the one that I can setup as night scalper CHF? :D

Hi, Yes, the night scalper CHF signal is this EA. But only using CHF symbols.

SFE Forex Evolution EAs / SFE Night Scalper September promotion
« on: September 06, 2020, 04:12:32 PM »
Hi, a promotion has been launched for Night Scalper. More information here:

SFE Forex EAs / Re: SFE Gold Fever EA
« on: August 23, 2020, 08:20:24 PM »
Hi Joel. I have few questions.

In the description you talked about Gold and trend mainly being uptrend so you trade long only.

Same with Bitcoin.

But this EA has the option to trade long only am I correct? However it also has the ability to trade short?

So I can imagine that backtest results for a currency pair like EURCHF that it is always ranging is bad for this EA.

What about things such as softs CFD's (coffee, sugar, etc) and what about other metals CFD's?
And then of course what about ETF CFD's?

you know the BTCUSD info has been published, works very well for this symbol. I haven't tried to other CFD's but is a task to do because can work well on several. The problem with that kind of CFDs different to Forex, is the lack of historical prices or the bad quality of that prices, like the happened in BTCUSD that I have commented in the telegram group.

SFE Forex Evolution EAs / Re: SFE Attractor EA
« on: August 23, 2020, 07:43:02 PM »
I just updated the version and risk info in the first message, and attached the backtest of 3.0

SFE Forex EAs / Re: SFE Gold Fever EA
« on: August 10, 2020, 02:20:47 PM »
Hi Joel is there a live myfxbook link with history?

The signal on mql5 right now. No history just started.

I will add the myfxbook link soon

SFE Forex EAs / Re: SFE Gold Fever EA
« on: August 08, 2020, 01:28:27 PM »
As expected this EA works well with any symbol that usually moves in strong trends. I just tested in bitcoin with the default parameters (and also connecting Shorts because downtrends are also huge in bitcoint, and I get good results)

Trade Journals / Re: Smart Forex Expert Signal / MAM
« on: August 08, 2020, 12:37:22 AM »
Thank you for the report as always Jimmy!

SFE Forex EAs / SFE Gold Fever EA
« on: August 08, 2020, 12:15:24 AM »
Product pages:

The objective of the EA is trade XAUUSD long and overperform the price of XAUUSD. We can see the comparison between the price of XAUUSD between 2008-current, and the performance of the EA (the backtest) starting with a balance of 850, the same as the gold price. And the DD of each situation

The new EA SFE Gold Fever has been published. For long time I had in mind launch something special for gold, and now I have found something that seems to work very well.

For old SFE followers. Which is the apportation of this EA?

The character of XAUUSD vs forex pairs is quite different, now, with this EA, one of the differences raises.

While forex pairs, at least last years, hardly have a mid / long term trend, XAUUSD have it. Not all the years, but in general.

And not only this, the main background trend is up. Like the stock markets.

So, with the current popularity of Gold for the new highs, and working on my trend EAs (SFE Trend and SFE Stock Market), I have found that these kind of trading can be very powerful on XAUUSD.

SFE Trend trades XAUUSD already, but SFE Trend algorithms needs to be quite subtile for can work on a wide number of symbols.

Instead of this, the approach on SFE Gold Fever, is use very raw versions of my trend library, and the result for XAUUSD is very promising as we can see in the backtest. Based on the backtest, SFE Gold Fever of by far more powerful than SFE Trend in the case of XAUUSD, and uncorrelated results.

The EA works very well in any of the 4 timeframes, M5, M15, M30, H1. In all the days of the week, in all the hours.

By default, I launched the EA with the short trades parameter disabled, because gold has been un uptrend since all the world history, so is the correct side to trade.

The EA comes with the hours for trading and the days editable. Also with the timeframes used editable. As we can see for XAUUSD, use all the hours and days and tf seems the best, but I included this because I detected that some timeframes and ranges of hours can be good for other forex pairs. And also can works well for other symbols which moves in strong trends, for example the BTCUSD.

I will not invest time on search for the moment, but there is the possibility if someone want to find it.

As this EA can be viewed as a 'minor' EA, because only is prepared by default for XAUUSD, has a cheaper price than others on the SFE family, and also I want to launch it with a good discount to give any SFE follower the opportunity to get it.

For me, is 'safe', undestanding is nothing safe in trading, use this EA by default with XAUUSD in the long term with the default configuration. The objective is overperform the XAUUSD price rise in the long term, and getting less deep DD in the way.

For small accounts focused on try to grow fast, the recommended risk is the current by default, 3% / trade.

For existing users who adds this EA to this porfolio, I recommend ponderate more that risk, with a max. value of 1.5% / trade, or the porfolio will be too much sensible to this EA.  *** and after this, assing the desired % of balance, for example, 30% or 40%

Attached is the backtest, starting with 10.000 USD on 2008 and the default parameters.

SFE Forex Evolution EAs / Re: SFE Attractor EA
« on: August 07, 2020, 11:37:55 PM »
Thank you, that is helpful. I sort of remembered some of it. I was just surprised not to see the first post updated. It was nice to have those as a go to place to quickly double check if there is a need to adjust risk levels etc.

Yes, I will try to have the information well updated. I will check all the next days.

SFE Forex Evolution EAs / Re: SFE Attractor EA
« on: August 01, 2020, 01:15:17 AM »
just wanted to see if there is a reason you have not posted about the version 3.0
Most of all, are there any changes to the settings, recommended risk, etc. Just try to figure out, if I can just load the settings from 2.1 or if I should start from scratch. Just checking, since changing the symbols with the post-fix is such a  pain.

Hi, Sorry for the delay.

Maybe this has been commented in the telegram group this time. Has been a big change on the trio SFE Price Action, SFE Attractor, SFE Kiss. This trio are the 'momentum/impulse' price action EAs, and there is a big lack of this last months, and when happens, the retracement is very huge, sometimes until the starting point, so at this moment these kind of systems are in a difficult situation.

I found a way to avoid the most typical traps, so now only the best setups are taken, because in good years, good and average setups makes profit but markets like the current, these average setups can result in big losses. So I decided to be more strict. IN the good years the EA will also do a lot of money, less than the prior versions but this is compensated by far with the performance in markets like the current, where the EA will change big loses to even or some profit.

Now, with that amount of different forex EAs and the Stock Market EA,  this first objective of any of the EAs is not lose in his bad behaviour, because other EA will make the money for him. This way, the EA can be ON in the portfolio until his kind of market return.

For example this July, hasn't been a single good impulse movement, and the current version amost has not trade at all, but this means the more strict criteria has worked very well. The trades of July of the old versions would have been loses.

Recommended Brokers / Re: Broker REAL comparison
« on: July 05, 2020, 07:47:41 PM »
How to analyse your own SFE Data:

1. download the App attached here

2. Open the platform account folder:

3. Inside "Files" there are the sfe track folder

4. Load the desired files with the app.

Right now only the Market orders are tracked. The Stop or Limit orders aren't tracked.

Recommended Brokers / Broker REAL comparison
« on: July 05, 2020, 07:36:21 PM »
Results of real SFE trades

APRIL-JUNE 2020 on momentum/impulse EAs  (PA,ATTR,KISS,BRE)


The values are in 'pippettes', so 1 = 0.1 pips, 10 = 1 pip


SFE Stealth:

Don't be lazy and change your broker if is a bad broker!!  This is a lot of $$ at mid / long term and can be the difference between be in profit or losses when the market is hard. The recommended brokers here can be applied with discounts in the commission. Follow the instructions in the page of the broker.


SFE Forex Evolution EAs / SFE Freedom
« on: June 16, 2020, 11:17:10 AM »
SFE Freedom
EA Package

This EA include a selection of the best Forex SmartForexExpert EAs

SFE Stealth  -

SFE Breakout  -

SFE Trend -

Backtest and setup video:
and look for the attached documents

Official live account:

Account broker:
Ticmill (EU) 1:30


Marketplace MT4:
Marketplace MT5:

Current version 1.0 (June 2020)

Recommended risk setting mode:
  • Each EA 100% of the balance  (normal risk)


SFE Freedom contains the latest versions of the individual EAs, and will be updated accordingly when the individual EAs are improved.

This EA can be viewed as a light version of SFE Evolution. But is not only this. I tried to give value to this 'light' version with a smart selection of the trio of EAs selected.

The selection of this trio of EAs is particularly interesting mainly for three reasons:

1. The systems shows a good performance (in the long term backtest) independenty of the behaviour of the market, from this fact comes the name of the EA 'Freedom', in the sense that in some way, these EAs are 'free' in relation if the market is kind A or kind B or whatever, to make profit.

2. They are totally different, the systems have 0 correlation between them. This gives a great diversification of the risk.

3. The systems works with a lot of symbols, which is a good indicator of the strenght of the algorithm. Also means very reduced dependece and risk to a single symbol.

VPS / Re: AWS vs. Google VPS vs. BeeksFX
« on: June 03, 2020, 11:01:15 AM »
Hi guys,
would any of you know how mql5 determines if the EA is on a new computer? I would just like to understand before I move my EAs to AWS or Google. Something technical I can ask AWS and Google to clarify if adjustments to the server resources or the contract might lead to the loss of a license.

Hi Tibor. I don't know what you are asking, but I only want to remember than for the side of the SFE EAs, the VPS requirements are pretty low. So, in the case of SFE don't think you need a top VPS with top connection. I use 20$ VPS with my EAs, and 5-6 metatraders on each VPS, and I don't have any problem.

SFE Forex Evolution EAs / Re: SFE Price Action EA
« on: June 02, 2020, 12:47:07 PM »
Hi Joel,
from the history I can see that this expert changed over time from catching trends towards a focus on strong reversals.
I wonder how the previous versions would have done in the recent years/months.
Would be interesting to see backtests up to now for version 1.4, 1.5, 2.5, 2.6, 3.0 and 3.1.
It would take some time to create the backtests and I know you are always busy with the experts. But maybe it could help to unterstand how the market changed in the recent years.

Hi Nok,

yes, this would be interesting but takes time and probably we see what happens without do this.

First, you can see, the impulse movements are a lot less, the volatility is very low. Seems is beginning to raise again, but has been very low for 2-3 years.

Second, the impulses fails and fails, in the sense that even when the movement develops, almost all the times has taken an agressive pullback that hitted the sl before continue. The problem is that when you receive a pullback of that kind, you don't have any way to detect if it's only a pullback or is a strong reversal, so, move the SL more far is not a solution.

For this reason, the weight of the 'straight' systems has been downgraded with the versions, and I'm sure that this has controlled the losses.
I don't know if that big pullbacks are for a fight of EAs or what, but has did more difficult this kind of systems, for this reason I'm trying to explore more kind of strategies in my new EAs.

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