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Information about the SFE Official signals:

Last months seems there is a effort for the different regulation organs, for example ASIC in Australia, ESMA in Europe, to put order in all this discontrol of the brokers with the citizens of the differen countries.

Then, can happens in any moment that EU citizens will be kicked of the ASIC regulation, this means that for example my accounts in will be moved automatically to ICMarket Seychelles, the offshore solution for keep all this conditions of the current EU citizens. My Partnership will be also keeped under this offshore. The leverages will be keeped, etc...

Because under the ESMA regulation, for example in, they have this branch already, we know the max. leverage for non professionals is 1:30 and ESMA don't allow the typical partnership and then at this moment, not only don't exist partners in the EU branch, also don't exist discount in the commissions as well.

Anyway, my intention is move all to ESMA, because this is the safe option for en EU citizen. I will do this  with few exceptions, because I lost a lot of value. This is the SFE Price Action and SFE Night Scalper accounts, that have track records of 5 years. Then, these 2 EAs will remain now in, and in any moment will be moved to ICMarkets SC.
Also the SFE Stock Market will keep in for the moment, I'm centered on the forex accounts right now.

In the middle of this, 1 account will be moved  (SFE Evolution) to other broker with ASIC regulation,, with the problably final destiny of move to the offshore alternative. This goes against what I'm saying, but I want to do this 1 exception for 2 reasons:
1. I want to try other brokers. Is a riks have major part of the balance in only 1 broker.
2. I'm using the ASIC branch because there I problably can be Partner now and access to discount in my accounts and any affiliated, and will happen the same as icmarkets, in some moment, this will be moved to the offshore, but the current conditions will remain.

Until here the accounts out of ESMA. All the rest of signals, I have beginning already to move them to ICMarkets, Darwinex, FPMarkets in his EU branches.

Then, for some days, some official signals will disappear and old links will not work.

Under the ESMA rules, the accounts will be only 1:30 leverage, and without any discount in the commission, but I don't expect this is a big problem for my EAs.

The SFE Darwinex is working with these ESMA rules already and all goes quite well.


I will develop the next concept in more detail with extended explanations, but for the moment, I right now and because we are all 'excited' for good or bad with the movements of the last days, I want to ennumerate the main lines I'm working last days, which I'm sure will lead to a very good improvement of all the SFE EAs. The extreme situations are sometimes a catalyst for find good improvements, because reveals weakness points of the EAs.
*A* the lot size based on % risk loss are being implemented in all the EAs, including 'price action' EAs. This is changing a lot the dynamic of the EA, but in the good sense under my point of view, this approach has a lot of good properties.

*B* the long term volatility has being taking into consideration for adjust some parameters of the EAs with very good results. I begun with this on the 'reversal' EAs but at this moment I'm also finding applitacion on 'price action' EAs. The volatility has been always the main theme of any EA, but not in this long term view.

*C* the importance of the hours to open positions has been always in play, but something happens with two days of the week, Monday and Friday, and this reveal a lot of problems and possibility to fix and increase the performance of all the EAs in general.

SFE General Questions / SFE ToDo List
« on: February 24, 2020, 09:30:27 PM »
Hello community,

with your help, based in all the different experiences, I want to focus the important items to work on.

I will add more things soon, for the moment, I want to post the very short term TODO list:

- Study the Stock CFDs of Darwinex to propose the list of symbols for SFE Stock Market.

- Check different items of SFE Stealth for try to find some improvement after the last weeks of stagnation. For example: the real viability of the m15 timeframe, the openning or trades on friday afternoon, the max. numbers of positions...

Remember to join to the:

Telegram Community Group:

and share your thoughs there.

SFE General Questions / SFE Promotion
« on: February 24, 2020, 09:25:41 PM »

from now until Monday 2 of March, the next items are in promotion:

* SFE Stock Market. A new market access, the Stock Market CFDs! 1200 starting prince and 10 activations. Final price will be 1500 and 5 activations.

* SFE Breakout.  From 800 to 640 USD. At the starting promotional price again, for is someone is interested and didn't bought then.

* SFE Evolution. 6 months for the price of 4.5. And 12 months for the price of 8. The perfect option for begin with the hot SFE EAs of the moment if you don't own them already.

SFE FX Evolution EAs / SFE Evolution FX
« on: February 04, 2020, 02:03:35 PM »

Marketplace MT4:
Marketplace MT5:

Backtest and setup video:



Recommended broker:

Current version:  1.0 |  recommended size (normal risk)

The recommended risk is the value of the default parameters. But beware, these risk are for an account with USD as base currency. For other base currencies, do the necessary conversion.

SFE Evolution FX

This EA include the best SmartForexExpert EAs of the moment and evolves changing the EAs or including new EAs along the time, based on the Author experience and knowledge.

Now you can combine a selection of SFE EAs in this 'portfolio' EA.

The EAs included in the current version 1.0 are:

SFE Attractor 1.1

SFE Stealth 1.2

SFE Night Scalper 6.1

SFE Breakout 1.0


These 5 EAs covers different main sessions and a wide range of market situations, and diversifies a lot the risk. The wide diversification gives more odds to get a sustained growth and controled drawdowns, although as always there is not any guarantee of the future results.

The main idea of this 'portfolio' product is give you the opportunity to access to the best SFE EAs, based on a monthly fee, without the need to buy all the EAs. A big effort has made to include the different EAs in 1 file, and keeping the low demand of the computer resources. The EA runs very smoothly and only take care of his own trades, can be used with other EAs.

The EA only need 1 M5 chart to manage all the different included EAs.
You have to check the broker parameters, the size of the orders, and the balance used in each EA.

SFE SM EAs / SFE Stock Market
« on: January 26, 2020, 10:09:50 PM »

Marketplace MT5:

Backtest and setup video:

Live Signal:


Recommended broker:

Old information, will be updated soon:

Tomorrow I will launch in a live account the EA, and if works well at technical level, will be published soon.

This is a big advance for SFE, because this introduce a new market and extends the diversification and the capacity of growth.

Some brokers are offering the access to stock markets (CFDs) in metatrader 5, like ICMarkets.

In this version, I have centered in the US stocks offered by ICMarkets, then, if someone is interested, for the moment use an ICMarkets account will be the safest while I test other brokers.

The spreads and the commission of ICMarkets in the stocks CFDs is very good. The drawback is the interest we have to pay in relation to the opened positions, but seems that the potential of the EA is enough for cover this and much more.

Develop in the stock markets is an idea that I have been working discontinously for more than two years, and now finally I think I have something good enough for begin to use in real.

And once the approach has been found, the possibilities of improvement in the next months are huge.

I like the stock markets because in general, I mean in the average, you know his trend, which is an uptrend. So, the EA will use only buy orders, and the selection of stocks has to be stocks of companies with good health.

If you invest in a stock index, and keep the investment for X years, in all the stock history life the index has growth, but four ourselves, years of DD can be a lot, then, the objective of the EA is overperform the index and fall less and growth more than the index, getting more profit at the final of the year, and reducing the periods of stagnation.

The next image is de development if the Dow Jones and the EA, as we can see, the better perform of the EA is very clear. It' s true that I only backtested at whole the 2018 and 2019 year, because for some reason in ICMarkets I haven't got more historical data, begins at final of 2017, but for how works all internally and the big number of stocks involved, I have a very strong feeling that this EA has a very good edge already.

SFE FX Evolution EAs / SFE Breakout
« on: January 13, 2020, 08:32:47 PM »

Marketplace MT4:
Marketplace MT5:

Backtest and setup video:

Live signal:


Recommended broker:

SFE Breakout

This is a new system although the idea of the setup algorithm was developed at the beginning of 2019. The algorithm is very simple and shows potential in the backtest, but has not been published until now because the number of trades were very low. Then the past December I have been working to increase the number of trades, and now is at the point I like already, so I decided to publish it.

The current signal, the year 2019 has been running with this pre-release version with very few trades, and only with EURUSD and XAUUSD. The current version should perform better and uses more symbols.

This EA is different from other SFE 'momentum' EAs, because the setup algorithm don't need always 'momentum' because is more based in the concept of breakout.

Can be a bit undestood like an intraday trend follower, because the hours for open trades for this EA is in the New York session, is where the algorithm shows good results at long term.

Also the TP and SL positions is very different of the other SFE EAs, the TP is a lot more near, and don't need big movements to reach it.

For all this I think that can be a good complement for users of a pure momentum EA, like SFE Price Action or SFE Attractor, because the way of trade is quite different.

This EA has a very good expectation of pips / trade. Then, can be used also with good results in average quality brokers.

The attached backtest has been made with the mt5 version.


------------------------------- Fixed
- Prevented reopen trades

------------------------------- Recommended risk
new autolot mode, based on the risk / trade:
- Percentage risk/trade = 1.0  (normal risk)

------------------------------- version 1.2 max. number orders
- max total: 10
- max same symbol: 6

SFE General Questions / SFE Recommended Portfolio 2020
« on: January 11, 2020, 12:39:03 AM »
This is the list of SmartForexExpert EAs since the start (SFE Breakout will be published soon)

- Momentum and breakout EAs are similar, but I make a difference between a setup based in gain momentum from a setup more based in a breakout, this breakout can happen with low momentum sometimes. For this reason I believe that can develop quite different.

- The same with the difference between the night scalper and the reversal system. While night scalper is more related with volatility movements out of time, the reversal system (stealth) finds potential reversals which sometimes happens without volatility or momentum. For this reason also develop very different.

I like to do this classification because in order to diversify the portfolio, the interesting is use EAs from different kind if possible.

In the Momentum S means (straight) and R (reversal), means that some of the EAs setups stop trades to enter if the movement fails with a strong reversal. By default, the systems with S+R are more versatile than only S.


SFE General Questions / 2019 SFE EAs Review and what's come on 2020
« on: December 21, 2019, 09:41:29 PM »
Well, has been a difficult year. Just at the beginning, SFE Night Scalper was hit by the JPY, AUD flash crash, then all the year has been for recover meter by meter DD.

SFE Price Action (momentum based), has lived in a transition year, the movements of the market has not been enough for activate the EA like in the past, and we know that usually the movements fails, then, is very difficult make a good profit.

SFE Eurusd, 'NEW-momentum based' the worst, EURUSD pair is the safe heaven at this moment for this systems 'hold and pray'. The strenght of the movements for EURUSD has been surprisingly short, and the setups are failing in general. The loses in EURUSD has affected in general all the SFE 'momentum' EAs.

SFE Fire&Forget and SFE Kiss (momentum based), weak performance since his publication, because just begun at the beginning of this reduced volatility. I started new signals with the last versions, and I'm trying to keep them alive, not only for consideration with the current users, also because I see there is something to do there.

SFE Attractor (NEW-momentum based), has been developed in the current behaviour, then, has been the best of his family, and a several times has been at few meters of make a big profit, but the retracement of them movements happened again and again.

SFE Stealth (NEW-reversal based), has develped very well although two big losses this week has leave a bad tast in our mouths, but this kind of EA works this way, winning in general in a soft uptrend, and every X months, a quick DD. Bad luck that just the new users has taken this DD.

Then, EURUSD has end in loses, not critical but loses.

F&F and KISS, really I don't know, because they started new signals, but I think that probably has been a year of soft loses.

SFE Price Action, a bit of profit at final. SFE Attractor, a bit more profit, with less months of action, clearly overperforming the 'old king' PA.

SFE Stealth, very good profit for his low time of activity.

I'm not happy with the results of 2019 seeing only the profits, but understanding the difficulty of the current market, and seeing the advances with new improvements in the general of the SFE EAs, I think year has been a point of inflection to the way of the profits we want  :)

What I think of the SFE Familily for 2020? in the next message...

SFE Site Discussion / SmartForexExpert Automated Systems (EA)
« on: December 13, 2019, 10:54:38 PM »

SmartForexExpert EAs chart

This forum is a place of discussion of the automated trading issues, mostly related with SFE EAs, with the intention of progress in his knowledge and use.

Doesn't matter if you are a newbie or an experiencied user, the only condition for participate is keep a correct level of respect with the other users.

Read about the innovative product SFE Evolution:

VPS / VPS - Metatrader Setup Tricks
« on: December 08, 2019, 10:52:57 PM »
1. Mt4 don't deal well with virtualizations multicore, then in VPS with more than 1 core, the performance of the platform can reduce a lot. I can confirm with my experience that this happens, at least happened to me in the past. For this reason, now I only use VPS with 1 core, although is difficult find VPS with 1 core in the market.

issue description and how to fix in multicore:

2. Bars stored in history and charts. It's not necessary put a very low number, but  the default number is by large more than necessary when you only use the VPS for run EAs and not backtesting.

Then, in my VPS, I remove 1 zero from history bars, from 512.000 to 51.200, and in the charts bar I set 10.000

3. Leave only the necessary symbols in the market watch.

Following these 3 steps, I run smoothly up to 5-6 platforms in basic VPS. The platforms uses my EAS, which is know that don't process in every tick. I don't know if for more heavy demand EAs this can be this way, probably not...

SFE General Questions / General Announcements
« on: October 18, 2019, 04:18:56 PM »
I'm gonna disable now GBP, EUR, CHF and USD currencies in NS and STE from now until Monday afternoon, to avoid potential big volatility between the close of this Friday and Monday opening.

Letter received from ICMarkets:

Dear Trader,

As you may be aware, in accordance with news announcements on 18 October 2019, the UK Parliament will sit in what could be one of the most important Commonsí sessions of the entire Brexit process on Saturday 19 October 2019, where it will consider the Brexit deal that Boris Johnson has now secured with the European Union with notable changes to the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement and Political Declaration.

As such, we wish to provide our clients with this warning as the result of the Parliament sitting on Saturday may potentially cause turbulent markets on Monday 21 October 2019.  In addition, we wish to warn our clients of the increased risk of volatility with the potential for market gaps on the market open at 08:00 AEDT Monday, October 21st / 21:00 GMT Sunday, October 20th.

What should you do?

IC Markets urges its clients to take precautionary measures in relation to the UK Parliamentary sitting.

This includes:

●     assessing and reducing risk exposures;

●     setting stop levels particularly on the currencies of GBP and EUR related positions;

Furthermore, additional funding may protect clients from large adverse movements in the market.

SFE FX Evolution EAs / SFE Stealth EA
« on: October 02, 2019, 11:18:42 PM »

Marketplace MT4:
Marketplace MT5:

Backtest and setup video:

Live Signal:


Recommended broker:


The system looks for signs of reversal, in hours when the market is not strong and the risk of high movements is low.

The system has the ability to work well with many symbols, and the correlation of the different symbols is generally very low, giving to the system a very high diversification, which reduces the overall risk.

The system generally launches several trades every day, which added to the high diversification, provides the opportunity to aspire to a relatively stable growth.


The EA is very easy to setup, and can be used with the default parameters. Only parameters related with the GMT of the broker and the size of the orders must be checked.

The EA must be attached to ONLY one M5 chart. Use an EURUSD chart is recommended.

If the names of the symbols aren't the common in your broker platform, update the names in the Symbol List parameter.

The EA is very lightweight in resources demand, and can be used with other EAs.

Backtest and Setup video

BACKTEST -> Look the attached files




------------------------------- Recommended risk (with Volatility Safe Mode=1)
new autolot mode, based on the risk / trade:
- Percentage risk/trade = 2.0  (low risk)
- Percentage risk/trade = 3.0  (normal risk)

------------------------------- Volatility Safe Mode parameter (since 2.0)
This filter exclude a lot of potential dangerous setups. Disable this parameter at your own risk
only in periods when the market is very quiet, like year 2018,2019.

------------------------------- version 2.0 max. number orders
- max total: 8
- max same symbol: 2
- max aud: 2
- max chf: 3
- max jpy: 2
- max eur: 4
- max usd: 4
- max gbp: 2
- max cad: 2
- max nzd: 2
- max xau: 1

------------------------ Trading hours (no more setups on the 'zero' hour since the version 2.0):

Trade Journals / SmartForexExpert journal
« on: September 15, 2019, 01:12:36 PM »
I will use this thread for post a general vision of the current performance of the EAs in his whole, specially the significant days, and also anyone that have some comment or doubt, please post here as well.

SFE Evolution

SFE Stealth

SFE Night Scalper

SFE Attractor

SFE Breakout

Coffe lounge / Forex Brainstorm Lab
« on: September 07, 2019, 01:09:43 PM »
The Forex Brainstorm Laboratory is a place discover, analyse, work, learn, improve, all the things necessary  to construct a successful investing portfolio.

The core of all this obviously is the Expert Advisors, but other important parts of the final machine will be discussed as well.

This place is not limited for SFE EAs, any good EA is welcome in the discussion.

This place is not for share or develop code in community, but is a place for offer a real, valuable, and non tricky feedback between developers and investors, to find a win-win relation.

This place is oriented to freelance developers and retail investors, this is our side of this war, and with information and collaboration can be a chance of win in this jungle.

For acces to all the rooms of the laboratory, you must be Junior Member of the SmartForexExpert Forum. This membership only requires 3 messages published in any section of the forum.

If you want use one of these messages presenting yourself here, we will be glad.

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