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SmartForexExpert signals / SFE Combo Signal - AutoFxPro Remote Trade Copier
« on: September 19, 2019, 05:03:53 PM »
Hi Guys,

I have recently tested out this Remote Trade Copier from AutoFxPro which works very well, so I have purchased the full version and now I am offering this trade copier as another option for those who are interested.

The main advantage of using this copier is we can cut out the commissions charged by other trade copying websites, and the subscription will be cheaper.

There will be 2 subscription options:
The discount for the quarterly subscription is to encourage people to stick to the system for at least 3 months, because there will be periods where there may be little growth, but patience definitely will pay off!

Other nice features about this trade copier:
  • if your trading account is not in AUD, the trade copier automatically adjusts the new lot size to your base currency to keep the risk of each trade the same as the master account (and then multiplied by your risk multiplier)
  • it copies pending orders as well, and that will help reduce slippage (for example, when copying through MQL5, pending stop order are not copied, and if the market is moving very fast when the pending orders are triggered on the master account, the slippage can be significant by the time it is copied to the follower's account)
  • you can use a risk multiplier of more than 1, which is not allowed on some of the trade copying websites
  • you can filter out pairs and types of orders you want or do not want to copy
  • you can set your own equity stop
  • you can even copy inverted trades (ie. buy becomes sell and vice versa), if you believe a drawdown is coming! ;D

So just to reiterate, my AU$100K account is now running the following lot sizes, which is at about 1.5x recommended risk:

SFE Price Action - 0.6 Fixed Lot per trade
SFE Attractor - 0.6 Fixed Lot per trade
SFE EURUSD - 1.0 Fixed Lot per trade
SFE Night Scalper - 0.9 Fixed Lot per trade

and with this setting, I believe the maximal expected DD will be less than 50% on my account going forward. So please bear that in mind when you set the risk multiplier for your own account! :)

I have attached the Receiver EA and setup manual for those who are interested to try it out. You can attach and set up the Receiver EA on your MT4 terminal first and have a feel of its interface.

Once you decide to subscribe, please use the links above and send me a note with your account number when you make the first payment. I will then add your account number to my receiver list, and send you my master account number to be added to your provider list. Then the trade copier will be all set and ready to go! ;)

SmartForexExpert EAs / Autolot function with virtual balance
« on: September 18, 2019, 05:12:40 PM »
Hi Joel,

I just had a lightbulb moment today...

I think the reason why my accounts have been so successful, is because I use Fixed Lots!

Because with the Autolot function, the Lot size is increased when the account balance is higher, and the Lot size is reduced when the account balance is smaller - so it means you will lose more when the balance is at equity high, and when you have been in DD for some time and the account is smaller, when you make a recovery, the recovery will be less because the Lot size is smaller!

Which means, had your SFE PA official account used Fixed Lot all the time, you would have been out of this long stagnation already! The reason why it is still in stagnation is really because when the account makes big gains after it has been in DD for some time, the Lot sizes are always smaller and you make less gains from those big spikes.

So my proposal is you can make a new option for users to set a Fixed virtual balance, so the Lot size on Autolot wonít reduce when there is a loss. Or another way, is to configure the Autolot function so that the Lot size will only increase when the account makes a gain, but the Lot size will not reduce when the account makes a loss.

I am sure this will make the EAs even more profitable! What do you think? :)

Signals and copier services / Money Box
« on: September 04, 2019, 04:33:50 AM »
Just saw this new signal on Signal Start that was added yesterday and now sitting at #1:

Danger signs:
  • Profit factor: 30.96 - check!
  • Balance: $158.69 (from a deposit of $5) - check!
  • Trades: 107 - check!

Now the only thing I wonder, is when this account is going to crash? ::)

I don't know why Signal Start lets something like this to be listed...obviously this vendor must have crashed many accounts before and this is the only one that survived...

Other EAs / Forex Cyborg
« on: September 04, 2019, 12:43:50 AM »
Thank you Joel for this post. And everyone should read and occasionally re-read it. It is so easy to fall for these offers looking like easy success ... I would also agree that you just have to look for longer histories. For price action EAs and trend following EAs with relatively large SL and TP, backtests can be informative (but you still have to see that live trades are matching the backtests) but for scalpers really only live trading shows you anything ...

ccjhunag, please keep posting your updates. I am running SFE Attractor together with Forex Cyborg (sorry Joel, I hope it is o.k. to mention that here. I had Cyborg before I saw your EAs ....) A very nice combo so far. Most of all though, I have to say, I am incredibly impressed by how SFE Attractor trades.

There is no problem mentioning other EAs here. Itís good to let people know whatís good and bad out there and thatís the purpose of this forum. :)

Actually Forex Cyborg seems legit and in some way maybe similar to SFE Night Scalper - at least the growth curve looks similar and they both had large losses on the yen pairs on 3rd Jan this year from the flash crash. Does Forex Cyborg mainly trade in Asian hours like SFE Night Scalper?

Here is the myfxbook page I am looking at:

But I must say the lot sizes with Forex Cyborg does seem a little large to me. Itís running between 0.80-1.70 lots per trade on a 22K euro account whereas with SFE NS you would be running at 0.01 per 300 euro for recommended risk, so a 22K euro account would only be running at about 22000 / 300 = 0.73 Lot per trade if that account was running SFE NS. Maybe Forex Cyborg has a tighter stoploss to compensate for that?

SmartForexExpert Site Discussion / Change timezone setting
« on: August 23, 2019, 04:32:52 AM »
Hi Joel,

Just another little request from me...can you please allow members to set their own timezone when they browse the forum?

According to this video ( there should be an extra option under "Profile" -> "Look and Layout" where you can change the timezone setting.

I just find it easier to set the forum time to my timezone so I know what time people actually made their posts.

Thank you so much! :)

SmartForexExpert Site Discussion / Forum signature characters limit
« on: August 16, 2019, 01:56:10 AM »
Hi Joel,

I am trying to add some more links in my forum signature but the signature is limited to 300 characters. Do you think you can increase the limit to 1000?


SmartForexExpert Site Discussion / Attachment size limit
« on: August 15, 2019, 02:36:59 AM »
Hi Joel,

I am trying to make a post and attach a photo, but the file size limit of 128kb for each attachment is just way too small. Can you allow the attachment size to be larger? I think 1mb would be good enough.

Thanks! :)

UPDATE: 16th Sep 2019

The risk on this account has been reduced to around 1.5x recommended risk with the following lot sizes:

SFE Price Action - 0.6 Fixed Lot per trade
SFE Attractor - 0.6 Fixed Lot per trade
SFE EURUSD - 1.0 Fixed Lot per trade
SFE Night Scalper - 0.9 Fixed Lot per trade

It will now be safe for subscribers to copy this account with a risk multiplier of 1, with expected max DD of no more than 50% going forward.

Account timeline:

20 Jul 2017 - Account started trading SFE Price Action
10 Dec 2018 - Added SFE Night Scalper
24 Jan 2019 - Added SFE EURUSD
22 Mar 2019 - Started Manual Trading
1 Jul 2019 - Added SFE Attractor
15 Aug 2019 - Manual Trading Stopped
16 Sep 2019 - Risk reduced from around 4-5x recommended risk to 1.5x recommended risk


Hi Guys,

As you know, I have made more than AU$260K (AU$186K on my old account and AU$74K on the current account) with the SFE EAs and my manual trades so far. My account is now open to signal subscription, and I would be glad to have you join and enjoy the success with me. :)

This account currently runs the following strategies:
SFE Price Action - 3 Lots per trade
SFE Attractor - 2 Lots per trade
SFE Night Scalper - 1.5 Lots per trade
SFE EURUSD - 1 Lot per trade

Here's the link:
SimpleTrader Signal:

And the stats:
FxBlue Stats:

A few important things to note though:
  • With my 3 fixed lots per trade for SFE PA, it means I am trading my account as if it was a US$300K/0.675 = AU$444K account (0.01 lot per $1000 is the risk recommended by Joel), so I am actually trading at around AU$444K (virtual account size)/AU$90K(current account size) = 4.93x recommended risk
  • Which means if you want to copy my account at recommended risk, I would recommend using a risk multiplier of 0.20
  • Of course, you can also put in only 20% of your trading capital and trade at 1x risk
  • Personally I believe the SFE PA official account ( will make a new equity high from here instead of losing another 20%, and I plan to reduce the risk on my account once a new equity high is reached on the official SFE PA account. Nevertheless, if you decide to use 1x risk to copy my account, please be warned that there is a real risk that your account could be margin-called if the SFE PA official account has another 20% drawdown from here!

Trade Journals / Jimmy's Account - SFE Combo
« on: August 10, 2019, 01:40:32 AM »
Hi guys,

I am Jimmy and I have been a loyal customer of SFE EAs since 2016. You guys may have seen me on Donna Forex and Forexsignals forums in the past few years.

Overall I have made A$260K so far with the SFE EAs (please see the photo attached). The drawdown may seem scary but that's because I withdraw profits regularly and only leave the amount that is required to cover the margin - there is no use leaving cash in my Forex account when I can put them in the bank to offset my mortgage! After all it's the profit in $$$ that counts, not the gain % which can be affected greatly by deposits and withdrawals.  ;)

I am glad to say that I will be updating my results regularly in this official forum from now on, and I can't wait to share the journey with you.

Welcome aboard!  :)

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