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Other Brokers / General brokers discussion
« on: September 11, 2019, 10:27:52 AM »
Thanks for the effort. :)

Just checked the Brokers list, it seems IC Markets still has the best spread.

Is there any particular reason why Circle Markets and other brokers are unable to match the spreads of IC Marketsí? Or is it just because IC Markets is a really big broker now?

Sorry for the late reply.

I think such discussions deserve a own thread, but I will try to answer it anyway.

First of all we added a new (sadly unregulated) broker that seem to have the lowest spreads (RannForex) until now.
And yes, IC Markets has great spread but that doesn't mean they are the best broker for anyone.

Beside this the slippage can be important too, to measure the overall costs (which we can't track). And IC Markets does not provide the best spread for each trading pair at every time period. For example: If you trade around the rollover timeframe (asian scalper), there are better brokers.

And in my opinion IC Markets is only able to provide such spreads, because they don't forward all trades to the LPs. They write the most trades in their own book. As soon as you are profitable you will get higher slippage. I think that is, because only in that case your trades will be executed directly into the market.

At the end the most important thing is not to find only "the best broker" (which by itself should not be choosen by the trading costs alone), but providing a list of many good brokers. We believe that it's the best to split the money on more than one broker. It will reduce the risk, that you could not get back your money in case of a bankruptcy and you will have the chance to use different liquidity pools (especially important for bigger lot sizes when you trade during low liquidity timeframes)

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