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What is the SFE Darwinex?

Oh yeah I see. Is it like an SFE Evolution/Combo setup?

SFE Darwinex uses SFE Evolution right now, with the particularity that this account has 1:30 leverage. Before evolution, I connected there a portfolio of SFE EAs, a 'pre evolution' setup.

SFE FX Evolution EAs / Re: SFE Night Scalper EA
« on: April 02, 2020, 03:59:39 PM »
7.1 has a setting up the top called safety control.

there is no description online of how this setting is enabled or disabled.

What to do? Default parameter seems to be 1.

Is it talking about this?;topicseen#new

I forget to hide this parameter before publish, and has left as public parameter. Yes has relation with that post, and has to be always 1, in the next update will be a internal parameter already. Don't change this value.

SFE FX EAs / Re: SFE Price Action EA
« on: April 02, 2020, 03:39:42 PM »
Thank you for implementing the %risk money management.  :)
Is it possible to know the max number of concurrent trades for a specific pair assuming a very strong impulse and all timeframes get active?
Any specific reason why it is not possible to select specific timeframes anymore?

You are welcome :)

The system has in a rude description 4 internal susbsystems, and 4 timeframes. And a sybsustem can open between 1 and 3 trades because have another internal division, but this division don't affect in all the subsysteams and not all the subsystems works in all the timframes.  And only the best symbols have activated all at the same time.
You know I base the risk recommendation in the long time backtest, and usually, when there are a lot of activity is sinonimous of profit, but for reply the question, I calculate that in the big days, the number of trades that can be opened in the 'best' like eurusd, usdch, euraud, is around 10-15 'straight or break' trades, and another 10-15 'reversal' trades.  But this is very very uncommon.

Any specific reason why it is not possible to select specific timeframes anymore?

In all these list of different items (subsystems and subsystems of the subsystem and in the different timeframes), and with all the backtest and forward live experience,  the approach is different since the version 3.1. In the beginning, all were activated and in higher timeframes, less symbols were good for use all. Instead of this, the approach now is disconnect the items that don't show a good general performance in general, in any symbol. Then, now, any selected symbol has to work well in the reamining items despite the timeframe, then, don't exist the timeframe selection division.

Information about the SFE Official signals:

Last months seems there is a effort for the different regulation organs, for example ASIC in Australia, ESMA in Europe, to put order in all this discontrol of the brokers with the citizens of the differen countries.

Then, can happens in any moment that EU citizens will be kicked of the ASIC regulation, this means that for example my accounts in will be moved automatically to ICMarket Seychelles, the offshore solution for keep all this conditions of the current EU citizens. My Partnership will be also keeped under this offshore. The leverages will be keeped, etc...

Because under the ESMA regulation, for example in, they have this branch already, we know the max. leverage for non professionals is 1:30 and ESMA don't allow the typical partnership and then at this moment, not only don't exist partners in the EU branch, also don't exist discount in the commissions as well.

Anyway, my intention is move all to ESMA, because this is the safe option for en EU citizen. I will do this  with few exceptions, because I lost a lot of value. This is the SFE Price Action and SFE Night Scalper accounts, that have track records of 5 years. Then, these 2 EAs will remain now in, and in any moment will be moved to ICMarkets SC.
Also the SFE Stock Market will keep in for the moment, I'm centered on the forex accounts right now.

In the middle of this, 1 account will be moved  (SFE Evolution) to other broker with ASIC regulation,, with the problably final destiny of move to the offshore alternative. This goes against what I'm saying, but I want to do this 1 exception for 2 reasons:
1. I want to try other brokers. Is a riks have major part of the balance in only 1 broker.
2. I'm using the ASIC branch because there I problably can be Partner now and access to discount in my accounts and any affiliated, and will happen the same as icmarkets, in some moment, this will be moved to the offshore, but the current conditions will remain.

Until here the accounts out of ESMA. All the rest of signals, I have beginning already to move them to ICMarkets, Darwinex, FPMarkets in his EU branches.

Then, for some days, some official signals will disappear and old links will not work.

Under the ESMA rules, the accounts will be only 1:30 leverage, and without any discount in the commission, but I don't expect this is a big problem for my EAs.

The SFE Darwinex is working with these ESMA rules already and all goes quite well.

SFE FX EAs / Re: SFE Price Action EA
« on: March 26, 2020, 09:22:11 PM »
SFE Price Action 4.0 has been published.

Find the backtest and the recommended risk on the first message.

Now this EA only have to be attached to 1 m5 chart. For example an EURUSD M5 chart.

And the mt5 version has been published.

SFE FX EAs / Re: SFE Price Action EA
« on: March 25, 2020, 11:20:49 AM »
Ah, nice :)
It might be written somewhere, but will it be included in FX Evolution?

Yes, will be included :)

SFE FX EAs / Re: SFE Price Action EA
« on: March 25, 2020, 12:26:46 AM »
yes, I have the SFE Price Action 4.0 Ready for publish, but I'm waiting to see the first live trade on my signal before press the button.
I just attached PA 4.0 to my signal now.

SFE SM EAs / Re: SFE Stock Market
« on: March 24, 2020, 12:05:58 AM »
For stocks, would you suggest it is better to spread the risk throughout a higher max positions? Such as 16 instead of 8? Or would a lower max positions pick ‘higher quality’ trades / setups ?

-> Or would a lower max positions pick ‘higher quality’ trades / setups ?   

No, less number of max positions don't mean higher quality, and is not the recommended, because the diversification is low, and the performance is very related with the more or less lucky of this low  numer of setups.

At this moment, I like to have 8 trades in the icmarkets list, and 16 in the darwinex list. This is because the list of darwinex is more large.
The concept is this:
- you want to have a max. number of positions enough to diversify the trading, but without elect a high number of positions, I mean a number close to the number of stocks on the list, because if you do this, will happen very few times that all the positions will be used at the same time, and all the other time, you will trade below the desired total risk.

The image represent this. The red line, the number of trades is to high in relation to the symbols selected, then the desired risk fills very few times.
In this case, the green number of trades is better, the max number of positons will be reached more frequently, then your target risk is more balanced along the time.

At same time, a low number of positions is not a good idea, not only for low diversification, also because in general all the time the risk will be the max. and this don't represent well the natural flow of the EA with the market, the EA tends to open more positions when is a good moment, then, cut this flow and have always the max. positions opened, is not the best.

SFE FX EAs / Re: SFE Price Action EA
« on: March 23, 2020, 08:14:28 PM »
SFE PA and SFE ATTR are the two more complete EAs of the 'price action' kind. Both have now upgraded versions.

As we can  see in the SFE Price Action vs SFE Attractor comparison, PA works a bit better in years of high volatility, and ATTR stands out vs PA when the years are more calm.

And both can deal in the any know market conditions the last 12 years right now, then, is promising view both in action in the same porfolio.
We can see how they have a good enough different correlation even being the same kind of EA.

SFE SM EAs / Re: SFE Stock Market
« on: March 23, 2020, 08:05:47 PM »
Which are the stocks and the index involved in the EA?

Anyone can propose a list of stocks involved and refer them to his indice. For the moment my proposals are based on the US stocks of ICMarkets and Darwinex.

How I select the stocks? Right now, I'm not selecting the stocks based on which has produced good results in the backtest. The stocks are selected based on his long term trend. I open every symbol, I see the long term trend, and any stocks that have a good looking or average looking uptrend, I select the symbol.

In future version I want to make a script to scan this kind of symbols automatically.

SFE SM EAs / Re: SFE Stock Market
« on: March 23, 2020, 08:05:01 PM »
Which is the risk of the EA?
The risk is governed by the next three parameters:

[OLD version 1.0]
Max. Number of Positions =  (for example 8  )
Percentage / Position = ( for example 40)
Max. Percentage / Position = (for example 50)

At this moment, there isn't a %risk / trade like we are implementing in the forex EAs, maybe in the next versions.

Now, the risk is based in the % of balance assigned to each position and the max. number of orders.
Then, based in the values of the example above, in this situation, the max. balance in game if all the positions has been opened is a value between:
8 x 40% and 8 x 50%, this is, a value between 320% and 400%.

In most part of the brokers that offers cfds, the required guarantee for hold the position is between 5% and 20%. This is, between 1:20 and 1:5 leverage.

If we go to the lowest leverage, 1:5, this means I can use up to 500% of the balance, for these reason, the operation [num.trades]*[max percentage/position] hast to be under this 500%.

If the leverage is 1:5 and we have 8 position opened, the free margin is low already, but if the broker is 1:20, there is still a lot of margin for use with other EAs.

* why there is 2 values? Percentage / Position and Max. Percentage / Position.

This is because each stock CFD has a minimal size of share to open the position, then, for low balances, sometimes the assigned balance is not enought for open the position. If is not enough, the EA will consult the Max. Percentage parameter, and in some cases this will be enough to open the position because we have more balance assigned. Is like a tolerance to the balance assigned in the case is not enough in the default balance.

In the next version I will implement a parameter for measure the % of risk if all the opened positions hits the SL and establish a limit or raise an alert. At this moment, the most reliable for evaluate the global risk is the backtest itself.

[New version 1.1]

Max. Number of Positions =  (for example 8  )
Percentage risk/trade. Risk assumed in each position (for example 2)
Max. Percentage / Position = (for example 50)

now the size of the position is related to the risk assumed in each position (Percentage risk/trade). The same mode added to the Forex EAs recently.

Then, at any moment, the max. risk is (max. num positons  x % risk /trade). Although we know we can have gaps in the stock market.

In some cases, the size of the position will be reduced, if the value of the parameter 'Max. Balance Percentage / Position' is overpassed.

Then, 8 trades and max 50% of the balance / trade, means that the max. balance used in any moment is 8 x 50% = 400%.

SFE SM EAs / Re: SFE Stock Market
« on: March 21, 2020, 02:33:47 PM »
Some questions I have received:

"So for this ea would it still be ok to combine with other eas like in your signal evolution? But you need at least 10000 usd account size for this ea alone ? If this only trade us stock indices is this symbol us500? Which i know only trade minimum 1 lot"

"Not sure what ko.nys is i cant seem to find this on icmarkets"

"None of the symbols i recognise"

- The EA uses the stock indice symbol, for example US30, only for consult the 'look' of the market and disable to open new trades when the market is in a strong correction like the current. But never open trades on the indice.

- Not all the brokers have Stock Market CFD. At this moment, I have tested and I have configurations for ICMarkets and Darwinex. I will post the config files later.
In Darwinex, the stocks are accesible both in mt4 and mt5.
But in general, in brokers that offers stock cfds, they can be traded only in the mt5 platform.
In ICMarket, US and AUS stocks can be traded in his mt5 account, but you have to ask to their support to enable the stock cfds and your account after has been opened. By default, you will not see the stock cfds.  KO.nyse for example is a the cfd of Cocacola in ICMarkets.

- you don't need 10.000 USD only for this EA, this will depend of the broker (the leverage of the stocks in the broker) and you can also can govern this with the number of trades you allow to open and the risk of each trade.

In ICMarkets, with a 10.000 USD account (MT5 account), you can use all the SFE Forex EAs and SFE Stock EA if necessary, is enough balance for all at the same time.

But I will explain a bit better how works the risk and how to understand the needed balance in the next message within today.

SFE SM EAs / Re: SFE Stock Market
« on: March 19, 2020, 08:51:43 PM »
Darwinex US stocks selection

Find the backtest on the first message

Index Symbol Name:    WS30






SFE FX Evolution EAs / Re: SFE KISS EA
« on: March 17, 2020, 10:29:47 PM »
Ah, and also has been launched for metatrader 5.

SFE FX Evolution EAs / Re: SFE KISS EA
« on: March 17, 2020, 10:20:57 PM »
Version 4.1 published.

Is the same of 4.0, but I fixed a minor issue of the version 4.0 and added this parameter:

By default reversal trades are taken at the same size or risk of the break trade, but if we want to give a different weight to to the reversal trades, we can use the parameter 'Size multiplier applied to the 'reversal' system'.

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