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SmartForexExpert EAs / Re: SFE Price Action EA
« on: Today at 01:07:00 AM »
yes, fixed. 0.01 / 600$

SmartForexExpert EAs / Re: SFE Price Action EA
« on: Today at 12:32:09 AM »
Hi Joel,

I have updated SFE PA to version 3.1, but in the setting line p25 (just above Fixed Order Size) still says "Recommended: 0.01 lots / 1.000$ of balance", I think you probably just forgot to change it to "0.01 lot per $500"?

Hi, yes is an error that comment. But I can't change it now. Don't mind because is more conservative, I will post the recommended now also in mql5.
Finally I decided to left 0.01 / 600$, a bit more conservative, because the backtest shows a max. DD until 1080$, but often arrives to this level, then, I will fix this level as about 15% of DD.    1.000 / 6.000 * 100 = 16.6%

0.01 / 600 is then the recommended.

Trade Journals / Re: Jimmy's Account - SFE Combo
« on: Today at 12:07:11 AM »
Hi Jimmy,

of the five EAs of SFE Combo, with the just upgraded version of PA and ATR, only EURUSD left to review and find an improvement.

I have confidence in that the new PA and ATR have to develop well also with this difficult market of the last months, years already.

So, I have a big confidence in this portfolio right now, let's see...

SmartForexExpert EAs / Re: SFE Attractor EA
« on: Today at 12:00:07 AM »
Good news,

Tonight I will publish the new version 1.1

The recommended risk of the version 1.1 is 0.01 / 700 $

Just confirming the default 10-15% risk is now $700 USD instead of $1000 USD for 0.01?

Yes, the DD has been reduced in this version, then we can use a bigger ratio. Based on the backtest since 2008, DD about 1000$ are this common limit, and one time goes until 1500 $. The previous version common DD was 1500$, and one time until 2500$

This version will develop better in the market we have last years.

SmartForexExpert EAs / Re: SFE Price Action EA
« on: October 20, 2019, 09:18:01 PM »
New version (3.1.) also for SFE Price Action will be published tonight.


As I commented in the Attractor thread, is well know that PA and ATT are momentum EAs which have different internal systems, some 'straight' that opens in the impulse, and some 'counter' waiting for the failing movement. Las years, the first group of systems are suffering because the movements reversals almost always... Then, in this version of PA, a rebalancing of the internal systems has been done, giving more equal weight at both groups.

At same time, some secondary crosses has been removed, and only the best performers along the years are used now. In a favourable market behaviour, a lot more of symbols can be profitable, but it's true that in a bad behaviour, these 'second line' profitable systems, falls in losses the first.

The last two years of PA, which is almost in a even result, the result would have been +40% selecting these pairs in front to more secondary pairs. I have been thinking for much time that use all the pairs is the best because they can be all profitable at final, but it's true that in markets environments not favourable, this profitability can take years, then, now I think that is better center on the best pairs, although in the best years this can reduce the profit, the performance will be better than now in the bad years.

The recommended risk of the version 3.1 is 0.01 / 600 $

SmartForexExpert EAs / Re: SFE Attractor EA
« on: October 20, 2019, 08:13:24 PM »
Good news,

Tonight I will publish the new version 1.1


The backtest is in a html file. QuantAnalyzer is not creating the pdf file, seems I have a problem or the QA version has a problem.

Apart of general improvements of the algorithms, the weight of the counter systems is more balanced with the straight systems. Last years, begin a big movement and keep it for some hours is almost inexistent, then, the straight systems has a lot of difficulties, while counter systems, seems to work either in this situation like the old market, some years ago, I mean, seems to make consistent profit in general. Then, in the current version the weight of each of the kind of systems is more equal.

The recommended risk of the version 1.1 is 0.01 / 700 $

SmartForexExpert EAs / General Announcements
« on: October 18, 2019, 04:18:56 PM »
I'm gonna disable now GBP, EUR, CHF and USD currencies in NS and STE from now until Monday afternoon, to avoid potential big volatility between the close of this Friday and Monday opening.

Letter received from ICMarkets:

Dear Trader,

As you may be aware, in accordance with news announcements on 18 October 2019, the UK Parliament will sit in what could be one of the most important Commons’ sessions of the entire Brexit process on Saturday 19 October 2019, where it will consider the Brexit deal that Boris Johnson has now secured with the European Union with notable changes to the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement and Political Declaration.

As such, we wish to provide our clients with this warning as the result of the Parliament sitting on Saturday may potentially cause turbulent markets on Monday 21 October 2019.  In addition, we wish to warn our clients of the increased risk of volatility with the potential for market gaps on the market open at 08:00 AEDT Monday, October 21st / 21:00 GMT Sunday, October 20th.

What should you do?

IC Markets urges its clients to take precautionary measures in relation to the UK Parliamentary sitting.

This includes:

●     assessing and reducing risk exposures;

●     setting stop levels particularly on the currencies of GBP and EUR related positions;

Furthermore, additional funding may protect clients from large adverse movements in the market.

Trade Journals / Re: Jimmy's Account - SFE Combo
« on: October 17, 2019, 12:58:54 AM »
A lot of zigzags on GU and EU this week which makes it difficult for SFE PA and SFE ATR to make good gains. Still waiting for that sustained breakout once the dust settles on Brexit...::)

Yes.... that's a difficult market. I'm working on ATR, I hope I will be able to improve the EA after these first weeks of live trading. After, I will review PA.

SmartForexExpert EAs / Re: do you have a solution for such flash crashes?
« on: October 16, 2019, 12:02:41 AM »
Wow, thank you for share this experience, one of the objectives of this forum is give to the people true information about forex, from the side of retail (but not dumb) traders like us, and usually the reality is a lot more hard than the runners of the business want to explain, and also we have a sea plenty of scams in form of EAs, courses, etc...

For this reason this kind of comments are very apreciate.

And what to say about the brokers... at this moments, they can do whatever want, this market is not centralized and if they want to put 10, 20, 200 pips of spread, they will do it.

For this reason, diversify and diversify is the key. Is not easy because how many profitable systems are out there? really seems that aren't not much. But for my side I never surrender and I search and search for improve the existent and find new systems. I agree Cyborg is a good system and it's true is similar to Stealth, are in the same league.

I'm excited when in next months I will cross calendar information with the development of the EAs, I think this will help to avoid some situations.

Talking about the AUD / JPY flash crash, we have to remember that TWO! currencies were affected, not only one, this happened a the begin of the new year. I have been searching information, and one thing that is true, is that the FOREX market is opened more days than the central banks or the main banks that provide the liquidity, then, these days when the big players are closed, but the forex market is opened, are VERY RISKY days, because the liquidity is very low, and problably this explain part of what happened that black day.

For this reason, in the current versions of SFE Night Scalper and SFE Stealth, I disabled trading form December 20 to January 8.

SmartForexExpert EAs / Re: SFE Night Scalper EA
« on: October 15, 2019, 11:32:33 PM »
this is my first message in this forum.
I´ve a doubt:
So far, what is the best way to deactivate a currency? I see that tonight there is fundamental in Nzd and I would like to turn off EurNzd.
By the way, thank you very much for the effort you are making to update and innovate with this great EA

Thank you for your participation Cristian.

Just now I added NZD to the list of disabled, and tomorrow I will add the currency again. If anyone don't want to use a symbol in a punctual moment and the symbol is not disabled by the 'server' in yellow, the way is remove it from the list.
I'm working on automatize this at 100 in the near future.

I see 2 limit orders are opened now before the disabling, I'm gonna remove the orders before the event. Sometimes the event can make a good money, but in general is risky. And the impact of the events, also in the near future I will have conclusions, because backtesting in mt5 I can take into consideration the calendar. This takes a good work, so will take some time, but I will do it.

SmartForexExpert EAs / Re: SFE Stealth EA
« on: October 15, 2019, 11:19:40 PM »
In this case, or is happening something with the VPS / platform / ?, or maybe can be useful download the historical prices of the symbols

Joel - In this do you mean on the MT4 platform, in tools/options/chart tab - here I only have 1000 max bars in chart and only 1000 max bars in history. This is the setting on my VPS to try to save some RAM.

Whereas on my MT4 on my PC at home it is set to 512,000.....would this make a difference. Is this what you are talking about Joel?

Yogi - Japanese brokers, I have never heard of this. Are any of them good?
Jimmy - this is great I can now see that I will be able to compare with your myfxbook each day to see what it looks like for comparison.

Only 1.000 bars is a bit risky although in this EA is enough. Is OK save resources but put at least 10.000 bars, will not put the computer in any problem, and some EAs can require a large number.

SmartForexExpert EAs / Re: SFE Stealth EA
« on: October 15, 2019, 12:54:18 PM »
Looking at Jimmy's account the trades seems to be very equal, for example the yesterday trade are the same as we can see in the image.

For me, what can be a bit strange, is if using also ICMarkets the trades differers in general (day after day) from my signal trades. In this case, or is happenning something with the VPS / platform / ?, or maybe can be useful download the historical prices of the symbols. The EA don't need much prices, but if is just enabled and still is in the first days, maybe are some information missed. I'm not sure about this, because the platform should download by itself when you require prices, but is for find some explanation.

If some ICmarkets severs uses different feeds, then may be differences also.

In general: different brokers = different prices (open-close-high-low can be different).  Also different volumes. What happens with this, is that when the conditions of setup a trade are near the limit, these different broker prices will make that in one broker are meet and not in other. At contrary, if the setup conditions have been meet by large, the trade will open in all the brokers. For this reason, and as usually the setup conditions are meet more far than the exact limit, we will see the same trades in a big selection of trades. But in an individual setup, anything can happens.

The EA stores information of the executed trades in a file, and I have an application for load this information and compare. Then, we can wait for more days of trades, and at the final of the month see this information and compare. We will see there that some brokers deserve to be send to the garbage.

The files are in the user directory of the application, something like this:

SmartForexExpert EAs / Re: SFE Stealth EA
« on: October 15, 2019, 12:25:47 AM »
Hi, Joel
Thank you for excellent new product.

About "Order Commnet(Special key words: #period #magic)" setting.
I set it as "STEA-#period-#magic".
But, I found that #period is not working correctly.(#magic was working)

This is no hurry, but could you fix it when you will update it?
Or, my setting something wrong?

Thank you. I will fix it in the next update.
By the way, if you print the magic number, the digits 234  are the timeframe in minuts, for example 710151 is 15 minutes timeframe.
Stealth always use m5 timeframe.

SmartForexExpert EAs / Re: SFE Stealth EA
« on: October 13, 2019, 11:16:08 AM »
Ups, somehow thought it was on on the market yet. My bad.
Quick questions
  • So if I understand this correctly this is an EA that is pretty different from Attractor. Attractor likes movements and Stealth is not showing strong momentum either way
  • In my mind that means the two EAs complement each other and running them on one account could create a nice combined performance
  • Have you, by any chance, already created a combined backtest of the two EAs? I am mainly wondering how much the DDs correlate

- Yes, this description is a good brief.  They are on opposite sides, they are totally different.
- Yes, any portfolio that not only have good systems, but also has very different kinf of systems, is the best way to get a better sustained growth with short periods of stagnation.
- I will do this backtest after some work on Attrator I'm just doing. But if anyone backtest only the main pair EURUSD, and merge them in quantanalyser, the evidence of 0 correlation is shown:

SmartForexExpert EAs / Re: Setting The Level of Risk
« on: October 12, 2019, 11:29:20 AM »
Welcome Casteller!

The information of Jimmy is right.

I will elaborate some charts of recommended risk, also taking into account combination of EAs.

For the moment, for launch Stealth, and using a low risk ratio, the ratio is 0.01 / 500 USD$, or about 0.01/  735 AUD$  if you account is in AUD$. 

And if you use a portfolio with different systems, obviously you will not assign the 100 % of the balance to all the systems, because the can overlapp some DD and be above the theoric max. DD. Then decide what % of the balance to assign to each EA is the next step.
For the moment, I think that in a portfolio for example with Attractor, Stealth and NS, the % of balance should be for example (70%, 50%, 30%). In total, they use 150% of the balance, but not 100+100+100 300%. After review Attractor I will test all together, and I will have a better picture of how works all them at the same time.

There is also a parameter  in the EAs for put the % of balance assigned to the EA.

Last point, 'low risk' in forex means see variations of +-5% or even 10% in one day. I will add a 'very low risk' setting in the charts, and also some comment about the needed leverage.

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