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SFE Forex Evolution EAs / Re: SFE Stealth EA
« Last post by Attractor on May 24, 2020, 09:32:50 PM »
version 2.3 published!
find the updated backtest in the first message.
Hi Guys,

As 2009 had the lowest gain and 2016 had the largest DD in the backtest running SFE Evolution FX at 100% Risk, I decided to do a few more backtests checking what would happen if I used SFE Evolution FX at 50% risk and 25% risk for those 2 years.

To my surprise, the DD would actually be less in 2016 than in 2009 if you run the EA either at 50% or 25% Risk. And running at 50% risk you would still make 160% gain in 2009 and up to 6750% gain in 2016, with the DD being just around 20%. If you run SFE Evolution FX at 25% Risk then the gain and DD would be both be much less (DD was only about 10% but growth was also only 1/10 that of 2016).

So it appears to me that 50% Risk probably gives the best balance for risk and reward, which will probably be the risk I would recommend people to use going forward (ie. change the risk multiplier to 0.5x risk).

However, I do believe the next big gain should be imminent (SFE PA official account has be in DD for about 2 months now), so I will keep most of my funds in the $70K account until that next big gain happens. Once we have caught the next big gain then I will move some of the profits into the 50% risk account in order to preserve capital during the next DD/stagnation period.

People can obviously use 25% risk as well if they want to keep the DD low, but it may not be worth the time and effort unless you have a very large account to be trading with.

You can see the new backtest results attached to this post. :)
Trade Journals / Re: Jimmy's Accounts - SFE $100K Portfolio
« Last post by Jimmy on May 23, 2020, 03:27:43 AM »
SFE $100K Portfolio Weekly Result - 18th May 2020 to 22nd May 2020

Weekly Change: $106154.01 - $99984.40 = +$6169.61
Total Portfolio Return: +$6154.01 / +6.15% (with +1.28% floating profit)

SFE Stock Market was the star performer this week, closing 3 winning trades and 1 losing trade with a total gain of around $3500 on my 100% Risk account.

SFE Trend also did very well to hit TP on 3 out of 3 trades, giving a total profit of about $1600 on my 100% Risk account for the week.

These 2 EAs accounted for most of the gains this week, and the other EAs pretty much just cancelled each other's gains and losses out.

It's amazing how the Stock Market EA is performing, and my account has grown quite well even without a strong performance from the Forex EAs yet. I am not sure how long the good run on Stock Market EA will continue, but I will certainly enjoy it while it's still going! ;D I also expect much more growth when all the Forex EAs start to kick in and deliver profits as well. ;)

Next week we don't have too many high impact data releases, but we will have speeches from the BOC governor, the ECB president and the Fed chairman. You just never know...they could potentially make some comments that will rock the Forex market...let's wait and see. :)

Hi Guys,

It has been a bit disappointing to see the lack of interest in my signal, so I have decided that I will now limit the subscription to just 10 places. After all I am making much more trading with the EAs myself so it's really not worth the time and effort  for me to run a signal.

My initial thoughts about offering the signal was that I would like more people to know about the great systems that Joel has developed, but it seems like most people still prefer to use risky systems and gamble their money away...I suppose you can only save those who want to be saved...so I have decided to just go back and concentrate on my own trading. :)
Trade Journals / Re: Jimmy's Accounts - SFE $100K Portfolio
« Last post by Jimmy on May 19, 2020, 05:16:35 PM »
By the way, I have also just turned my previous SFE Combo account into SFE Evolution FX running at 150% Balance risk.

Now, please be aware that this level of risk is definitely not recommended! This account will also not be a part of my $100K portfolio, but I would just really like to see how far the account can grow at this level of risk, and it will offer an interesting comparison to my two other MT5 accounts running at 100% and 50% Balance risk. :)

For those who are interested, you can continue to follow the account here:
Trade Journals / Re: Jimmy's Accounts - SFE $100K Portfolio
« Last post by Jimmy on May 19, 2020, 02:21:29 PM »
Hi Guys,

After seeing the gains on the Stock Market EA and SFE Trend in the last few days, I have decided to consolidate my accounts in order to maximise the potential gain.

Therefore, I have relocated the funds from the other 3 smaller accounts into my MT5 accounts, and those smaller accounts have now been closed. I will now only have 2 accounts - SFE Stock Market + SFE Evolution FX 100% Risk and SFE Stock Market + SFE Evolution FX 50% Risk going forward from here. This is how my $100K portfolio looks like now:

SFE Forex Evolution EAs / Re: SFE Breakout
« Last post by Attractor on May 18, 2020, 11:27:02 PM »
version 1.5 published!
check the updatet backtest in the first message.
The recent implemented autosize mode risk/trade, worked until now for symbols defined as 'forex' kind in the properties of the symbol in the mt platform. That was because the platform can have symbols defined with other types, like cfd, future.... and for some reason, is risky try to get the size of the trade in some kinds of types, because this calculation based on the parameters that are given by mt can be wrong if the parameters of the symbol have some error. The parameters of the symbol are settled by each broker, and sometimes errors has been detected. THis has been detected in symbols non 'forex' kind, for this reason until now, was disabled return autolot risk/trade for non forex kind.

At same time happened that some brokers has the XAUUSD symbol defined as 'cfd' instead of forex, and the EAs were returning now the minimal size, because autolot risk/trade was disabled for this kind as I just explained.

Then, I have thinking in a workaround which is the next:  now autolot risk/trade, returns always a size based on the parameters of the symbol, but for symbols not defined as forex kind, where exist a risk that the calculation is wrong because the symbol can be defined wrong, the EA does the next check on the openend orders:

- when a order is opened, and the trade move some pips, which is computable is the current profit or loss. There don't exist errors in the mql returned values. Then I do the next: I compare the theorical loss at the beginning of a new bar of the trade with the real loss, and if this value is very different, means the autolot function has failed to calcuate the value (for the problem of the broker defining the parameters of this symbol)

We can see this problem in the next image ( a case failure, in XAUUSD on Alpari) :
1. the max. theorical loss.
2. the real loss reported by the platform.
3. the theoric loss with the current movement, the loss that the EA has worked with.
Real loss (2) is much high than (3), therefore the size is not correct.
Then proceeds to launch an alert message (4) and close the trade (5).

The next updates of the EAs will implement this new kind of procedure in relation to the size (risk/trade).

Under the point of view of the user:   use the EA  normally, if for some reason, in your broker, xauusd or other defined symbol different than forex gives an error in the calculation, the trade will be closed and you will see a message in the alert panel.
Then, you can't use this symbol with this autolot mode unless the broker fixes to correct values in definition of the symbol, but at least the trade  has been closed and you are notified about this risk.

The brokers I use, ICMarkets, FPMarkets, Tickmill, Darwinex, manages XAUUSD correctly and will be very uncommon find a broker with this problem, but for not have the possibility of a big loss if this problem happens in your broker, this mechanism has been implemented.

If someone want to know this before go to live, this also can be seen in the backtest, is not a live trading issue, happens in the backtest already. You only have to launch the backtest, and the inspect the log for find messages containing the words of the image above. If no lines are returned by the log with this kind of message, means all is correct.
Hi Guys,

We now also offer discounts for people who had previously bought Joel's EAs, and the discount will be $10 per EA per month.

For example, if you had bought 2 different SFE EAs in the past, your monthly subscription fee for the SFE Evolution FX 100% Risk MT4 signal will be reduced by $20, ie. from $100 per month down to $80 per month. On the other hand, if you sign up for the 6-monthly subscription, you will get $20 x 6 = $120 off the $500 which will make it $380 for the 6 months. ;)

If you would like to apply for the discount, please PM me on the SFE Community Telegram Channel, and I will send a customised Paypal link to you. :)
Hi Guys,

I have just updated the opening post - I will now offer 75% refund for 6-monthly subscribers if the signal does not perform for you (it cannot be 100% because we still need to cover some operating costs).
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