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The SmartForexExpert Attractor Expert Advisor, is our new approach to the 'price action' style robots.
Using a selection of main crosses, the EA have a good diversification, which can lead to a stable growth.

The EA can be used from 1.000 USD. with a recommended size of the orders of 0.01 lots / 1.000 USD.

The EA don't have external parameters, don't need any kind of effort to use, and don't need to be supervised, can be connected 24x7.

Don't use any kind of martingale, grid or hedge

The EA needs to be attached only in one M5 chart, and from this chart manages the list of pairs defined and the different timeframes.

Is very lightweight in CPU / RAM resources. Only launches once at the beginning of the bar.


MQL5 market:
Myfxbook link:
MQL5 signal:
Backtest and setup video:

Independent reviews:

The backtest can be found here:

Monthly performance with a fixed size of 0.1 lots:

SFE Attractor is confirming that can open a good number of operation even in a weak market. In the first 10 days of live action, 61 trades has been opened. A very good chance of profit was missed finally the day 5th, and now there is a other chance with the current opened gold trades.

June performance of the SFE family:

The start of the Attractor EA has been quite satisfactory although the month has end with a little groth of 0,25%.

Looking the general performance of all the EAs, we can see that this month has been a very low movements month, because the activity on the EAs which needs big movements has been almost inexistent (KISS, Fire&Forget).

Considering this, we are happy to see how the predictions about that SFE Attractor can develop trading even in soft markets like the current , has been accomplished.
The number of operations in relation to the KISS and F&F is obvious, and in comparison to SFE PA shows also a lot of operations more, specially if we consider that Attractor uses 7 pairs while PA uses 16.

The most new developed EAs, we are focusing in try to be in the game in soft markets also. Obviously in this kind of markets the chance of make profit is lower, but is possible anyway as shows the backtest of SFE Attractor.

A 0,25 growth is not the average desired obviosly, but if we compare with SFE PA, probably the most complete EA of his kind until now, SFE PA has suffered a very bad month, therefore, end alive this month of June seems a very reasonable result and we are optimistic with the upcoming performance.
Up to 4 times this month the EA has been at one step of do nice profits, but the movements has retraced at final, we will see next weeks :)

The average spread of the trades has been very good. Remember to visit the broker section to understand what kind of brokers are the best.

The slippage has been worse than others EAs, this proably means that Attractor EA has the ability to enter in action before than other of his family EAs, when the volatility is still high, so is normal to get some kind of slippage. We will keep the attention of how develops this data when we carry more operations. We expect the slippage should be lower than the current number.

I reply here some interesting questions received:

- what inputs shud be used to backtest without fractional lots??

Don't use fraction lots is not an option in the current version, if demanded I can add in next update. But fractional lots is not applied if the size of the trades are under 0.05 lots. Therefore, for see a backtest without fractional lots, use a size between 0.01-0.04

- are fractional lots necessary for profitability?

fractional lots are used in the way of exit the position. Don't affect in the entry/setup. How the EA manage the order and exit the position is not only affected for this partial clousures, and the profitability at mid/long term can be very similar. Partial closures helps to book the profit instead of keep the order opened more time with the risk of reversal, but also can lose a peak of profit sometimes, therefore is not critical use or not use partial closes ad mid term, sometimes worth, sometimes not.

- additionally what fixed lot is suggested for all pairs in default with 1000 USD?

The size suggested for 1000 USD is 0.01 lots, the minimum. In this case, obviously partial closes will not be applied.


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