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Author Topic: 2019 SFE EAs Review and what's come on 2020  (Read 1075 times)


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2019 SFE EAs Review and what's come on 2020
« on: December 21, 2019, 09:41:29 PM »
Well, has been a difficult year. Just at the beginning, SFE Night Scalper was hit by the JPY, AUD flash crash, then all the year has been for recover meter by meter DD.

SFE Price Action (momentum based), has lived in a transition year, the movements of the market has not been enough for activate the EA like in the past, and we know that usually the movements fails, then, is very difficult make a good profit.

SFE Eurusd, 'NEW-momentum based' the worst, EURUSD pair is the safe heaven at this moment for this systems 'hold and pray'. The strenght of the movements for EURUSD has been surprisingly short, and the setups are failing in general. The loses in EURUSD has affected in general all the SFE 'momentum' EAs.

SFE Fire&Forget and SFE Kiss (momentum based), weak performance since his publication, because just begun at the beginning of this reduced volatility. I started new signals with the last versions, and I'm trying to keep them alive, not only for consideration with the current users, also because I see there is something to do there.

SFE Attractor (NEW-momentum based), has been developed in the current behaviour, then, has been the best of his family, and a several times has been at few meters of make a big profit, but the retracement of them movements happened again and again.

SFE Stealth (NEW-reversal based), has develped very well although two big losses this week has leave a bad tast in our mouths, but this kind of EA works this way, winning in general in a soft uptrend, and every X months, a quick DD. Bad luck that just the new users has taken this DD.

Then, EURUSD has end in loses, not critical but loses.

F&F and KISS, really I don't know, because they started new signals, but I think that probably has been a year of soft loses.

SFE Price Action, a bit of profit at final. SFE Attractor, a bit more profit, with less months of action, clearly overperforming the 'old king' PA.

SFE Stealth, very good profit for his low time of activity.

I'm not happy with the results of 2019 seeing only the profits, but understanding the difficulty of the current market, and seeing the advances with new improvements in the general of the SFE EAs, I think year has been a point of inflection to the way of the profits we want  :)

What I think of the SFE Familily for 2020? in the next message...
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Re: 2019 SFE EAs Review and what's come on 2020
« Reply #1 on: December 30, 2019, 08:53:44 PM »
For the incoming year, we want more big movements like the past, but for the moment I assume the market will be similar.


I'm confident with SFE Attractor and SFE Stealth.

As is known, the algorithms of Attractor tries to launch trades either in more or less big movements, then I expect profit in the current market, as well if big movements comes again.
Stealth, I expect a very good profit, but is very imporant for all the traders, use the best possible broker for this EA, because trades a lot but the pips / trade expected are low, then, a top broker is mandatory.


SFE Price Action
SFE Fire&Forget
SFE Kiss

In these three EAs, I expect light profits, waiting for more big movements comes again, then, can win a lot. In all them I launched new version this year work better also in this market,
but at this moment they will not be the main engine of the profits.

In the RED ZONE:

SFE Eurusd. Requires a rework, because EURUSD is very very weak for a lot of time already, and the algorithms of this EA are failing. I recommend reduce the risk of this EA for the moment.


SFE Night Scalper. While in real action, NS is growing very well for the moment, for example this year should have been very good if the JPY AUD flash crash did not happened, I have been received
a warning with the last bactkest in real ticks I'm doing with metratrader 5. The results aren't good enough for have confidence, and I'm working right now in analyse these backtest and try to find a good configurations.
The backtest don't says the EA can made big loses, but shows a very weak profit, not enough profit for use an EA under my point of view. Then for the moment, until we have more news in this EA, reduce the risk.

In brief, in my opinion, ATTR and STE can be used at full. PA, F&F, KISS, can be used because I think they will not damage the portfolio, but his profit expectation is reduced right now.
EURUSD be cautious until more movement comes a gain or I have time to work in a new version. NS can be used, but the profit expectation is very reduced based on the last mt5 backtest, alse requires work.

What are my main lines of development the next year? in the next message
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Re: 2019 SFE EAs Review and what's come on 2020
« Reply #2 on: January 11, 2020, 12:23:47 AM »
This can change during the year, but the main task on my list right now are:

at short term:

- launch the new EA SFE Breakout. I will explain the details in his own page.

- Update of the SFE Night Scalper, after the warning after my last backtest in mt5. I'm reviewing the pairs and hours used.

in the rest of the year:

- Rework SFE Eurusd for adapt to the current ultra low volatility. After the SFE Eurusd rework,all the published EAs will have a recent check already.

- translate all the SFE Family to mt5. This don't mean the mt4 will not be supported, will be equal versions, but mt5 give me a better tool of backtest, and this helps a lot in improve the quality of the EA, and in don't lie ourselves with the low realistic backtests of mt4 in some cases.

- mt5 can acces to a built in calendar. Is a bit complex right now but can be done. Then other of the objectives this year is study how to work with this calendar and see if this can improve the EAs, which I'm pretty sure that can.

- Extend / adapt the current systems to other markets. CFDs of index, stocks, cryptos... I have been working already and I see possibilities of get profit in these other markets in some of my algorithms, then this is maybe where I have more expectation this year, because is a very good way of diversify and find other sources of profit, specially now that the forex market is very calm.